Saturday, September 13, 2014

Closet of a Classroom

So this year I got a closet for a classroom. As you can tell Ainsley came with me to bring all my school supplies back to school. Here is the before pictures after the shelves had been removed that had previously housed all the audio visual equipment for the school next door to the library.

This is the "after" photos. The desks, dry erase board, and the bulletin board were the only thing to school provided. Since then I have brought a personal laptop, purchased a projector, pilfered the long extension cord from our garage, and begged and received a chair and lamp from two understanding teachers.

Needless to say considering, I think I did a dang good job. Now... all I need is them to reduce the 34 kids I have in class during 4th period. Particularly considering I only have 27 desks (and one is being used for the projector).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moments like this

Today Sophia got upset with me because I wouldn't let her stay up late and play on a school night. It was tonight that she told me she hated me and I wasn't her mother. It's days like this that I have to remember the "good" moments to help me through the day. Today.... I remembered this moment from last weekend. It made my heart smile and I couldn't resist taking a picture to capture the memory.

Ainsley's First Road Trip to Kansas

Together we made a Labor Day weekend trip to Kansas to introduce Ainsley to some more family.

She'd already met Grammy and Papa Barton.

But she also got to meet Uncle Ben.

Ainsley also shares a birthday with Papa Barton and Uncle Ben. Three generations born on July 28th.

Ainsley also got to meet Aunt Kayla and Uncle John.

The kids love the trips to Kansas to see family.

They typically play so hard, that when there is down time... they collapse. Then again, Papa is pretty good at wearing them out with trips to the park.

Well Kansas, we had to leave, but I'm sure we'll be back again sometime.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soccer Season Once Again

Once again Sophie is signed up for soccer, but this year I am not the coach and it's an all girl team through the YMCA. She joins the 5/6 year old girls division this year and we look forward to her many games these next two months as spectators. Grammy & Ainsley got to cheer her on during her first practice session with Coach Mike.

Overall she did very well.

Sophie's first game starts on September 6th so be prepared for more soccer posts in the future of her upcoming games.